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  • If winds exceed 25 mph, have everyone exit the inflatable and turn electric motor/blower off until favorable conditions are present.
  • Do not enter inflatable unit if pregnant, have serious head, neck or back problems, have knee, hip or other joint problems.

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  • Adult supervision is required at all times. 
  • Make sure the supervisor has read your rental agreement and understands all rules regarding one of the unit.
  • Kids are not to enter inflatable if they are wet.
  • Shoes, sharp objects, and jewelry should be removed before entering inflatable unit.
  • If the inflatable unit has a step or ramp, it should only be used for entering and exiting unit.
  • No flips, wrestling, pushing, hitting, chasing or activity which will likely cause inflatable to collide, or collapse.
  • No jumping against the walls, columns or the netting.
  • No hanging from the support tubes.
  • No jumping near the entrance.
  • Things like foods, drinks, liquids or any other substances which may stain or damage vinyl or netting should not be in or on the inflatable unit.
  • No one except for driver is to go near the electric motor/blower.
  • If in case power goes out, the inflatable unit will deflate quickly.  Have all people inside of inflatable make their way out as quickly as possible.
  • Climbing on the outside of the unit or grabbing the netting is not allowed.
  • Only compatible age groups and sizes shall play in the inflatable unit at one time: